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Win a 4 Day Trip to Vegas! 

The Quincy Get Fit Challenge is a 12-week body transformation contest exclusively available to Swim & Gym members. This is a two person team competition.   CLICK HERE to signup your team today! 


Not only will the Challenge help you get fit by working out with a friend or family members, you will exceed your goals and improve your overall health, you will also have a chance to win a four day trip to Las Vegas where you will stay at four star hotel GOLDEN NUGGET! Known for it's Waterslide that goes through the middle of a shark tank! 


Challengers first participate in “Before” measurements and photographs. Then, 12 weeks later, final measurements and “After” photographs will be taken to document results. All of our photos are taken by a professional photographer!  Only the judging panel will see them.  


The Challenge is more than just a contest… it will help you totally transform yourself inside and out. The Swim & Gym will be there to help you every step of the way with many things to help you stay motivated including many different Informational Seminars every Thursday Night in the Lobby!  If your not currently a member you can still register your team and come signup for the gym at a later date. 





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